Welcome to Haley Gershony Counselling. I am currently booking sessions for April 2019.

My family and I have lived in Kelowna since the fall of 2013.  Previously, we lived in Victoria, Vancouver, and New York City.

I earned my bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of Victoria and my master of arts and master of education in psychological counselling from Columbia University in New York City.  I also have formal training in cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, applied behavioural analysis and the treatment of emotional eating. While in New York I gave birth to my delightful, mischievous daughter, and shortly thereafter my husband and I decided to return home and set down roots here in the Okanagan Valley. I have now had my second, sweet & playful daughter,  and have just had my third child, a son. It’s a full house!

As your counsellor, my goal is to help you feel confident and content so that you can reach your personal goals and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

I believe we all have roadblocks that prevent us from being who we want to be, and from  having positive, healthy relationships.  My aim is to help you discover your own personal obstacles so that you can create strategies to work through them.  By removing your roadblocks to health, you will create a clear path for healing and growth. Therapy is hard work, and I am committed to being with you and helping you through every step.

I tailor my therapy to suit your needs and goals.  My clinical specialties are anxiety, depression, post-partum & parenting concerns,  youth counselling, and mental health issues surrounding food, such as emotional eating. This said, I have helped people overcome a wide range of challenges, and I am happy to work with anyone who is motivated and feels a connection with me as a therapist. 

My Clinical Focus

I provide counselling to:

  • Help you identify what thoughts contribute to your feelings of anxiety or depression so that you can learn strategies to challenge those thoughts and thus reframe your experiences

  • Help you pinpoint what situations and emotions trigger frustration and anger so you can learn skills to create healthier reactions

  • Treat the unhelpful thoughts and overwhelming emotions that trigger binge eating, night eating and emotional eating so that you can take back control over your relationship with food

  • Work through the practical and emotional challenges associated with life transitions, such as the birth of a baby

  • Improve your physical, mental & emotional well being by learning ways to improve your all-around health

  • Uncover your values so you can better understand your personal goals and how you can work toward achieving them