I've been lucky enough to be invited into many people's lives over the years. On this page I've put together some of my most inspiring feedback! Please don't hesitate to send me your feedback, good or bad, at anytime.

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"After researching a number of options here in the Okanagan, I decided to go meet Haley. I came to her a little lost, tired and skeptical. I knew I was experiencing troubles with depression and anxiety, but felt I had been pretty good about moving my psychological needle in the right direction on my own. Still, I wasn't sure the tactics I was employing would really give me the healthy and sustainable outlook I desired. I needed a credible, intelligent and unbiased opinion to lean in and help. Simply put, Haley guided me to practical long-term solutions that I could practice and measure, as well as nurtured my own curiosity in social psychology. Historically, I’ve found many counsellors simply look to provide an expensive shoulder to cry on. An approach that’s great for short-term relief but inevitably creates an unhealthy reliance. I wanted to stand on my own two feet and Haley really did that for me. I still pop in for a session or two here and there to check in and make sure I’m on the right track--it’s all helpful." ~GH

"I started seeing Haley because life had become too overwhelming for me to handle. I had lost a job, started a new business, was finishing maternity leave with my second child, and had also encountered a bump in my marriage. I felt comfortable with Haley right away; she is warm, professional and easy to relate to. And being able to feel at ease with her allowed her skill with CBT and counselling to guide me through my anxiety and give me new skills to deal with the changes in my life. I am so grateful to Haley, for helping me to be able to enjoy life again." ~AM

"Haley Gershony completely changed my life. I started working with Haley at a very dark point--I was binge eating, obsessing over weight loss and I hated my body. I had Skype sessions with her every week and she helped me with my disordered eating, relationships, body image and so much more. She was so easy to talk to and has changed my perspective on life. She empowered me and gave me tools I could use against binge eating for a lifetime. I now have such a positive outlook on the future, no anxiety related to food or body image, and am living a healthy, happy life. Thank you so much Haley, for everything you have done for me. Calling you was one of the best decisions I ever made!" ~CB

"I went to Haley during her time in NYC as a resource for weight loss, though I received so much more.  In my sessions with Haley, we were able to dig deep and she helped me identify both my negative thinking and bad behaviors.  She then taught me tools that provided me with a healthier framework for making decisions.  This helped in all aspects of my life.  Two years later, I’m able to take a step back and approach situations much healthier and differently and am in a better space professionally, physically, mentally and socially.  Haley provides a holistic approach that is truly beneficial."  ~DP

"I needed help to confront and combat issues that I had allowed to spiral out of control. I was unhealthy and sad. I wasn't measuring up the rigid ideals I had formed about myself...and wasn't living up to my own expectations. I was caught up in this ugly cycle! I finally decided I wanted out and started working with Haley. She provided me with great support, information and the tools to change all of that. Confronting my emotions and really speaking about my fears was tremendously hard. Haley helped me identify what I could change and control in my life, and helped me make a plan to set those things in motion. My eating behaviours became less based on emotions and more on nutrition and need. I plodded forward to accomplish relationship and professional goals. I lost weight, got healthy and more importantly, I got happy! I couldn't have done it without Haley's specific brand of support & counselling. She's genuine, compassionate and motivating! Quite fabulous if you ask me! Years later I still rely upon the tools & techniques she taught me, keeping my mental & physical health in check. Thanks so much Haley!" ~AK

"I was Haley Gershony’s patient for an eating disorder problem. She is very professional and provided a warm and nurturing environment where I could work through my challenges dealing with overeating. She showed me effective methods so I could change my behavior. She was always non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable even when there was no weight loss.  Every week she challenged me with an assignment that incorporated new techniques to help me with my overeating behavior, and she often gave me articles to read so I could deepen my learning.  At the end of one year, I was able to reduce my BMI to a safe number and lose enough weight to improve my life tremendously. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a problem that is interfering with having a healthy and productive life." ~AN